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Apex - Private Detective Agency

Apex is the top leading Private Detective Agency in Delhi, India. Are you searching for the Matrimonial Detective in Delhi? If yes, then this is the ideal place for hiring a detective. Detectives are the most demanded professionals in the modern world. Everyone wants to generate all the secrets of their boyfriend, husband, spouse or wife.

Private Detective Agency for Corporate and Personal Investigation

There are numerous reasons for hiring a detective, but the major reasons are extramarital affairs of the spouse. This is the worst situation for the person, and they want to catch their spouse red-handed. Thus, here we come with the valuable services of Private Detective for Cheaters. You can avail the services of Best Detective Agency in Delhi.

Best Private Detective Agency in India

Now check loyalty of your partner. Take the loyalty test of your partner from our Detective Agency. Some wives are also cheaters and cheat on their husbands therefore you can get Loyalty Test for Wife also. Working in a reputed organization, we cross all the limits of our proficiency in solving Matrimonial Investigation Cases. The investigation will be able to correct all the doubts on your partner. We are also engaging in the UnderCover Operations in Delhi. We have our Detective Agency in Delhi, Delhi-NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad.

Our so many clients are searching for the Private Detective Fees in Delhi. Therefore, we provide the affordable and best Private Detector for solving your personal and professional issues. Some people also want to get hire a Professional Investigator for catching their business reveal secrets. We are the leading Professional Investigation Agency in Delhi. Our experienced professional detectives are doing their work smartly and without noticing anyone. Cheating Agency Detective Cost is not very high, thus you don’t have a need to scare about the fees of the agency. Our Surveillance Detectives are easily complete the Background Check of any person.

APEX Detective Agency Private Limited

100% Confidential | You feel In Safe Hands

Matrimonial Services

Pre Matrimonial Investigations Service
Pre-Matrimonial Investigations:

Planning to get married, we can find out facts about the person you have chosen or planning to choose as a life partner. Some marriages even breakdown due to suspicion. Apex Detective Agency is well known for helping out in such situations... Visit Page

Post Matrimonial Investigations Service
Post-Matrimonial Investigations:

A married couple sharing their daily office activities with each other is a good thing but in case the other partner takes it in the wrong way, then problems in the marriage might arise. This will lead to doubts on the other partner and could end in making false allegations against each other... Visit Page


Personal Detective Agency Services in Delhi

• Pre-Matrimonial Investigation:

The Pre-Matrimonial Detective Agency service is one of the most famous detective service in Delhi. Thus, we are efficient in providing Pre Matrimonial Investigation for our clients. If you want to get married to someone, but before the marriage, you want to know all the secrets of their life. Then this is the best service for getting all the hidden secrets of your future husband or Wife.

• Post-Matrimonial Investigation:

If you are noticing that your partner is behaving strangely with you, and attractive to someone else. So, these are the signs of Extra-Marital Affair. But before reaching the final conclusion, must contact a Private Investigator or Detective Agency. So, they can give green signal on your doubt. Post Matrimonial Investigations are adopting by so many wives for their husbands. Therefore hire the Loyalty Test Investigation professional for your partner.

• Divorce Cases Investigation:

In the modern world, we can’t trust any person. According to the recent reports, the cases of Divorce are increasing because of Extra-Marital Affairs. But some people don’t get the strong proof against their spouse, to represent in the court or family. Thus while adopting the Divorce Case Investigation, you can get the strong and valid proof against your partner.

• Missing Person Verification:

We are emerging in locating the missing persons. If you are frustrating with lots of efforts while searching the missing person in your family. Then, must hire our Missing Person Investigator, who can help you to locate the missing person. We are providing Missing person Investigation Services in India.

Professional Detective Agency Services in Delhi

• Pre Employment Verification:

If you are running a successful business, and have a leading team of professionals. Then, you must aware about your opponent’s strategy. Before hiring any worker in your company, verify his background, education qualification, and past background. Investigator of our detective agency is able to hire the trustable and having good values professionals in your company.

• Post Employment Verification:

If you have doubt on any employee of your company, that he or she reveals the secrets and strategy of the company to another person. Then, you must contact Detective Agency for Post Employment Verification. Otherwise, you may also face the loss and big opportunities for your business.

• Collecting Proof and Evidence Investigation Agency:

If you want to collect the proof and evidence in the case in court. Then, must hire the investigator from Detective Agency for obtaining the proof and evidence in the court case.

• Business Risk Analyze:

If you are thinking for investing money in the new projects of your business, then be aware of the risks. While an investing, you must investigate all the risks of your new investment project. Adopt the Business Risk Analyzing Investigation Services in Delhi.

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