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Apex Detective Agency is known as leading detective agency in Delhi & we are well established firm serving best private & corporate services to our clients from 22 years.

Our Personal Services

Pre-matrimonial investigations are conducted before a marriage takes place.
Post-matrimonial investigations are conducted after a marriage has taken place.
Still Photo & Videography
We can provide you what exact happened by the proof of photo or video capturing.
If you have any personal issue and want some evidence to proof anywhere then contact .
We can help in issues that may be relevant to divorce proceedings or other legal matters..

Our Corporate Service

Do you want to verify the background of any business or business personality with proof.
Competitive business or venture investigation can provide you research of other business.
Corporate investigations are conducted to gather information and evidence related to potential fraud.
Asset Tracing Investigation is often used to locate debtors, witnesses, missing persons, and individuals .
Fraud and cheating investigations involve identifying, investigating, and taking action against individuals .
We use highly sophisticated equipment’s to carry out sting and undercover operations..

Detective in Delhi Apex Detective Agency Private Limited

Apex is the top Welcome to our Private Detective Agency in Delhi. We are the leading Detective Agency in this modern world.

Best Private Detective Agency In Delhi New Member Of Your Family

We can provide you services in a various type of Cases. In our agency we hire only most skilled investigators who have years of experience in investigation field that’s make Apex Detective Agency in Delhi to succeed in many cases. As you know technology keep advancing that’s why we also make sure to go with flow of this generation for giving you the best service.

How To Find Best Detective Agency In Delhi?

We have skilled investigators who have experience of many years. Every Detective Agency have to make sure that their client has the best service for that they have work on there investigator who resolve their problem in a given time period. Also, we have a track record of all cases no matter how challenging they may be.

In a private detective agency company, they have to be professional towards their work. We represent our self in a professional and responsible way. Also, we are always upfront and clear about our procedure and prices. Our services and procedure transparent with client to make sure they can choose best detective for their case.

How Private Detective Agency In Delhi Works?

The work of Detective agency starts with the client consultant which first client seeking the best Detective Agency in Delhi. Client may include person who suspect Disloyalty, need background check, and wants to find the missing person.

In business many companies hire Detective Agency to investigate corporate fraud, unprofessional behavior of employ during the consultation process client discuss the goals and objective with the Detective Agency.

How Detective Agency Keep Your Information Confidential?

Our detective Agency work within a framework of legal and ethical guidelines. If you need to keep your information confidential you don’t have to worry about. Our agency gives you full confidentiality to keep your information.

Our private Detective Agency in Delhi maintain open or regular communication with our client. Also, we always do paper work in every case or update our client with the progress of case.

Why Chose us?

At Apex Detective Agency in Delhi full fil you’re all the criteria we make sure to give our client best service in Delhi. we have many trained investigators who skilled in their work. Our agency treat our client like family and do our best for your minor or major both problems.

If your looking for best detective Agency in Delhi then our agency is best for you for many reasons that we talk in this this blog also we have more than 22 years of expertise in this field and give all problems of solutions. Also we success in most of the cases like matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial investigation, obtaining prof and evidence, divorce investigation with evidence and many more.

Detective agency in Delhi

India’s Best Detective?

Apex Verified Detective Agency in Delhi .

Quality Service

Guaranteed satisfaction from our service.


Expert in matrimonial and divorce case investigations.

Affordable Rate

Experienced & professional staff with latest tools.

24/7 Services

24×7 surveillance is available with us.

Best Private Detective Agency in India

Now check loyalty of your partner. Take the loyalty test of your partner from our Detective Agency. Some Husband & wifes are also cheaters and cheat on their husbands /Wifes therefore you can get Loyalty Test for husband and wife also. Working in a reputed organization, we cross all the limits of our proficiency in solving Matrimonial Investigation Cases. The investigation will be able to correct all the doubts on your partner. We are also engaging in the UnderCover Operations in Delhi. We have our Detective Agency in Delhi, Delhi-NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad.

Our so many clients are searching for the Private Detective Fees in Delhi. Therefore, we provide the affordable and best Private Detector for solving your personal and professional issues. Some people also want to get hire a Professional Investigator for catching their business reveal secrets. We are the leading Professional Investigation Agency in Delhi. Our experienced professional detectives are doing their work smartly and without noticing anyone. Apex Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd Agency Detective Cost is not very high, thus you don’t have a need to scare about the fees of the agency. Our Surveillance Detectives are easily complete the Background Check of any person.

Best matrimonial detective agency in Delhi

Joining a new family requires very important information which only a best detective agency can provide to you and which you desperately need because when you go to your boy & girl relationship if you do any mistake or If there is a marriage in the wrong house, then the whole family gets disintegrated and there are many problems ahead because no boy & girl side does not show his shortcomings to the boy & girl side and they hide many things and later when If you come to know then there are a lot of problems, you do not need to panic because we are one of the well-known best detective agency in Delhi who are going to fully cooperate with you.

First of all, when you join us and we spy for your family, then we first check the background of the boy and Girl, how much the boy and girl earns and does not do any kind of intoxication and what kind of respect he gets in the family and in the society. And the most important thing is that how are the relatives of the Girl & boy's side, they also need to know and what are the friends of the boy & girl,

Because we have been doing a trust job since 22 years that's why our best detective agency is doing the best work in Delhi and we always have to keep working in the interest of the people and nowadays it is not that the boy side is the cheater hai girl people also become very deceitful that's why both boy and girl side we do best detective and tell you details which is completely truth and it is considered best for your life best matrimonial detective If you are looking for agency in Delhi then you will not find any better than Apex Agency because we have been working for people for many years.

Apex Detective Agency in Delhi

That's why our agency is in dire need of you, if you feel that a lot of money is being spent, then don't worry about it, we do not take money even at once, we take payment in installments, you give us slowly. For this we are not going to bother you at all because we help people and work well for their lives

Our work has also been appreciated by the and we have been honored many times, we work solely in the interest of public welfare and our reliable team keeps your trust and we will continue to do our honest work. We will continue to do so because we have won trust with the people and we want to keep this trust always. Apex Detective Agency has also been given a gold medal 10 times by the because there are many government cases for which private detectives in If the need is felt in Delhi, they contact our agency and we work in the best way.

Best Private Detective Agency in Delhi

We have told you many reasons for our agency, through which you can easily choose us by calling us. Apex Private Detective Agency in Delhi is going to work sincerely with you and we are going to support you step by step with you. Want to work as a part of a family that makes you feel like a member of our family is protecting us because nowadays no one can be trusted but we work to save the spoiled families. We work to improve people's lives, we awaken trust in people, if someone is cheating on you, then we work for them and improve them, for this we are considered to be the trusted detective agency in Delhi.

If you join our agency then you will get a new family member who will support you for life. Our agency remains connected with you even after doing your work. You can call us anytime and about yourself. You can get information because when any of your children or your girl goes out to study, you cannot keep an eye on them because in today's time there are many tasks which remain confused in the family itself. Apart from this, you are not able to take out time that you can keep an eye on someone, for this we are chosen and we are also called third sight, we are going to do a very good job on your family, wherever your girl reads. We will give complete information about how your boy is studying, which class is doing a job, with whom he is living in relation with whom he has married or not. We will keep giving you all kinds of information, this will keep you feeling good and you will be better in yourself. you will feel much better

Top Detective Agency in Delhi NCR

The work of Apex Detective Agency is not only for the metropolitan but also for every problem like fraud, theft, court case, harassment by daughter-in-law, family quarrel, problem in distribution of ancestor's property in your family, we are present if you are Top Detective. If you want to search agencies in Delhi NCR then we want to work with you with confidence and we make a promise to support you in every situation you will not find any better than us for best personal espionage in Delhi because we promise that when you join us, you will feel very good.

And our Apex Agency is fully recognized by the who can work freely anywhere We are Head of the Janakpuri District Center in Delhi


Apex Detective is a private detective agency based in Delhi, India. It offers various investigation services for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Apex Detective offers a wide range of investigation services, including pre-employment screening, background checks, surveillance, fraud investigation, matrimonial investigation, and corporate investigation, among others.

The detectives at Apex Detective are highly experienced and well-trained. They have years of experience in the field and use the latest investigation techniques and tools to provide their clients with accurate and reliable results.

Apex Detective understands the importance of maintaining confidentiality, and it takes all the necessary measures to ensure that its investigations and findings remain confidential. It uses secure communication channels and only shares information with the client or authorized personnel.

The duration of an investigation by Apex Detective depends on the complexity and nature of the case. It can range from a few days to several weeks or months.

The cost of hiring Apex Detective for an investigation depends on various factors, such as the type of investigation, the duration, and the resources required. The agency provides a customized quote for each case based on these factors.

You can contact Apex Detective by phone, email, or through its website. The agency has a 24/7 helpline for emergencies.

Yes, Apex Detective can provide evidence that can be used in court. The agency follows all the legal procedures and guidelines while collecting and presenting evidence.

Apex Detective has a high success rate in its investigations. However, the success rate depends on the complexity of the case and the resources available. The agency ensures that it provides its clients with accurate and reliable results.

What Clients Are Say?

Literally your detective services are very much liable and I am very thankful to him. I always thought that my life becomes hell because I found too much fraud with my job but only and only your detective services that helps me out. Apex detectives you are great. .

Miss Anu Rastogi

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