UnderCover Operations Investigation Service

UnderCover Operations Investigation Service

Our mission and commitment is to Help You Reduce Exposure to Liability, Improve Morale and Increase Profits.

Organizations hire us because we solve problems. Most of our work comes from repeat clients and client referrals.

Apex Detective Agency can help your workplace run problem-free. An undercover investigation is critical for thoroughly and effectively resolving difficult-to-investigate situations such as theft, substance abuse, or other forms of serious employee misconduct.

Key Benefits

  • Why: Undercover workplace investigations are employee-interactive. This method develops first-hand evidence and information concerning suspected employees. If necessary, our operatives can testify in court.
  • When: Your situation may merit an undercover employee investigation when your company suspects that a potential or serious problem exists within the workforce. An undercover operative has the best chance of confirming or disproving rumors, and exposing the guilty parties.
  • Who: Within the company, only top level management, directors of security or human resources personnel should have any knowledge of the use of undercover operatives or of the investigative findings.
  • Where: The undercover investigator should be placed in a position that allows mobility and access to suspected employees. Multiple investigators may be required to investigate various shifts and departments.
  • What: A multi-faceted effort. We maintain daily, two-way communication with our operatives to continually share and assess new information and to strategize our efforts. The undercover operative will detail all his/her findings in a daily report submitted after each shift worked. Close supervision contributes to the successful outcome of the assignment

Apex Detective Agency uses a proven and effective process for all workplace investigations.

Investigative Strategy

  • Tactical Planning
  • Evidence and Information Gathering
  • Interviews and Corroboration of Intelligence
  • Submission of Final Report for Corrective Action
  • Screening, Training and Prevention

We have experience in successfully investigating misconduct and criminal activity for employers in practically every industry, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, electronics, computer technology, newspaper, transportation, agriculture, steel products, forestry products, food manufacturing/processing, law firms, municipalities, non-profit assisted living organizations and all facets of manufacturing and warehouse distribution.

Diverting from our process will reduce the effectiveness of the investigative approach and significantly increase the risk of a repeat problem in the future.

Addressing all the issues in a thoroughly comprehensive and ethical manner, and using all the tactics available, is your best guarantee of success.