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Obtaining proof and evidences by Apex Detective Agency in Delhi


The detective plays an important role in solving crimes in the fascinating field of criminal investigations. The difficult process of gathering proof and evidence, which are necessary components that not only help hold offenders accountable but also protect the values of justice and truth, is at the core of their work.

Collect the evidence of Crime Scene

The first order of business for a detective is to secure the crime scene in Delhi. This involves cordoning off the area to prevent unauthorized access. Our agency also takes great care that the evidence remains safe and does not change so that it is in perfect condition when used in court.

Collecting Physical Evidence

Apex Detective Agency in Delhi carefully come through the crime scene, collecting physical evidence that may include anything like Matrimonial Enquires with Photograph / Videography and Extra Martial affairs with Photo / Videography of suspected Persons. Also working proof, assets property papers, we finding Missing person, divorce case evidence, & blood samples, fingerprints to weapons, personal belongings etc. Each piece of evidence is catalogued, photographed, and documented to maintain a small chain of custody.

Evidence collecting through forensic reports

DNA profiling, ballistics analysis, and other forensic techniques provide invaluable insights that can link a suspect to a crime or establish a timeline of events. The collaboration between detectives in Delhi and forensic experts is a powerful alliance for the search of truth.

Apex Detective Agency in Delhi provides all these services. If you hire our agency, you are assured of getting the best results in a short period of time.


Obtaining Proofs and Evidence The whole of Indian Penal Code and criminal procedure code and the law of evidence are based of substantive proof.

Legal battle is fought in the Court of law but we can collect such information and relevant evidence which can help you collecting evidence and witness required for criminal, civil or administrative.

ADA investigate the Identity, Reputation, Conduct, Affiliations, Associations, Movements and Whereabouts of any person including - Employees, Business Partners, Spouses, Debtors, Witnesses, Relatives, Missing Person, Friends, Wards, etc.

All investigations and inquiries are conducted with utmost discretion and confidentiality to provide the client complete anonymity without alerting the subject. We have comprehensive infrastructure to investigate on Disputed Document problems like Forgeries, Anonymous Letters, Handwritings, Alterations, Erasures, Interpolations Typed Matter, Age of Ink, Fingerprints, Bank Fraud cases etc.

ADA have an excellent laboratory with all the infrastructure to investigate the above.

ADA provide the evidences in all cases to strengthen the allegations made by you in the court of law. The collection of the evidences is fully admissible in the court.

ADA provide immensely useful Proof and evidence obtaining services with the help of which we can help our clients to win court battles and other criminal, civil or administrative cases. Our obtained evidences are in the form of documents, video tapes, audio recordings and eye witnesses. We are empowered with a team of the sharpest investigating minds in the businesses that are always ready to solve cases within the time promised to our clients.

Note: Total Enquires related to Matrimonial Investigations, all the Reports will be Kept top Secret & Confidential, No one can even know about, accept Client.​

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Literally your detective services are very much liable and I am very thankful to him. I always thought that my life becomes hell because I found too much fraud with my job but only and only your detective services that helps me out. Apex detectives you are great. .

Miss Anu Rastogi

Detective services by you are great. I don't know what else to say. If everyone could be as customer focused as you, life would be so much easier. I am really satisfied with Apex detective services. .

Mr. Rahul Desai

Apex Detectives Delhi who does matrimonial investigations work with the team of personal investigators in Delhi are the ADA detectives and one can rely on their results. I assigned the matrimonial job to them and felt comfortable after getting their outputs. .

Vandna Saxsena