Corporate Due Diligence Investigation

Corporate Due Diligence Investigation

Apex Detective Agency is internationally contracted to assist clients around the globe with complete due diligence investigations. Regardless of the size of the deal and the parties involved, our Due Diligence department is ready to assist.

It is our advice to all clients that any individual and/or business should always invest in a due diligence investigation when entering new business ventures, buying companies or merging two businesses.

Due diligence investigations managed through Apex Detective Agency is done to assist our clients to verify that the facts presented or alluded to are, in fact, accurate and a true reflection of the company or people presenting them.

All due diligence projects undertaken by Apex Detective Agency will include the following:

  • Financial performance of the business
  • Brand value
  • Business condition
  • Future prospects of business
  • Competitive environment
  • Human capital
  • Quality of assets
  • Structure of purchase transaction
  • Other related risks