Divorce Case Investigation with Evidence

Divorce Case Investigation with Evidence

To deal with such unwanted issue like Divorce Case Investigation APEX DETECTIVES has initiated an individual unit. In this special unit of APEX, we have included the best possible staffs to deal with all cases related to Divorce investigation. ADA with its vast experience has been produced the required result.

We have dealt with uncountable number of divorce cases till date, with the productive and desired results. In divorce cases you need our assistance for extra marital affair, daily routine and employment details for alimony decisions and material evidence of your spouse, which will stand good in the court of law. It also covers the matter related to child possession, share in property, curiosity to know the future plans and activities of the spouse etc.

Divorce cases, especially when coupled with child custody issues, produce emotions like none other. Our investigators go into these type cases knowing this. We will attempt to develop a profile for a spouse by conducting activity checks, background investigations, and asset searches. By having this needed additional information, you can go into divorce proceedings with greater confidence, and be able to make better-informed decisions as to how to proceed. Let our trained professional investigators assist you during this unpleasant time of your life.


APEX DETECTIVE AGENCY has a separate division for the investigation related to post matrimonial cases as well as Divorce case investigation. With the globalization of the world, few unwanted problems have also increased rapidly not only in India but also across the world.