Personal Investigations?

Personal Investigations?

Personal Investigations are a type of inquiry made about an individual person to get detailed facts and information about various issues like credit, employment, tenancy, insurance, marital issues, kids performance, etc from different sources apart from the actual subject of investigation.

Personal investigations are done by dedicated private investigation firms and include civil, criminal or personal information for the purpose of corporate, legal or private clients.

Public records about an individual include records filed or recorded by federal, state, local or any other government agency, court cases, parking & traffic tickets, rental records and insurance claims. These records can be mapped together to quickly give a full report about any person based on their personal details.

Who needs Personal investigations?

It could be that someone is searching for an old friend with whom they lost contact, or a neighbor who has moved long back. People may just need to find the phone number of another person living elsewhere.

Landlords look at prospective tenant’s lease history, credit history and other details. Many high profile marriages make use of extensive personal investigation to find out all the past personal history.

You can find divorce details, death and birth records, previous marriage details etc. People who are concerned about their family tree and ancestors, use personal investigations to find out a distant relative.

You may also check out court history, driving history, insurance claims history to find out more details about a person. If you invest huge amounts on a business run by another person, you certainly need to do Personal Investigations before signing the agreement to find out more about the individual, their business, and their past records. Investigations goes way beyond the just reverse telephone look up now a days.