Asset Tracing Investigations

Asset Tracing Investigations

An asset tracing can range from a simple search for real property owned by an entity or individual to a comprehensive search essential in determining the efficacy of pursuing collection in court or in determining the likelihood of collection on a judgment.

When requesting an asset search, it is important to understand that there are many search options available; when tasked with identifying assets and the amount of debt held by an individual or entity, the more information you have initially provided us, your investigators, the less expensive and more comprehensive will be your potential result.

It is often necessary for your investigator to ask a number of pertinent questions prior to initiating an asset search, to determine the most cost-effective level of detection appropriate for your particular matter. Asset searches can range from quick peeks to see if subjects or entities own any property to large-scale due diligence projects involving precise valuations and detailed documentation of identifiable assets, holdings and liabilities.

Do you have the patience and financial resources necessary to hire a competent and skilled financial investigator to meticulously pore over financial records, identify bank accounts and stocks traded nationwide and abroad, and obtain transaction history documentation? Asset searches, especially those to identify bank and brokerage accounts, can seem expensive and, sometimes, rather time consuming. But when compared to the time and expense of successfully litigating a case, it might make very good sense to spend these funds "up front" rather than to blindly pursue litigation with little or no chance of a real recovery.

Asset tracing can be composed of some or all of the following searches

  • Real Property Ownership Search
  • Bank Account Search
  • Brokerage Account/Investment portfolio Search
  • Vehicle Registration Search
  • Bankruptcy Record Search
  • Tax Lien Search
  • Civil Judgment Search
  • Business Affiliations Search