Business Background Investigation

Business Background Investigation

Business background investigation involves searching, analyzing and thoroughly examining information on selected companies and individuals. These may include job candidates at your company, the top management and owners of your business partners, your competitors, contractors, customers and potential acquisition targets.

The key information investigated includes marketing, business and registration data, financial data, information on the financial standing and credibility of the entity, information on the entity’s assets, reputation and presentation in media, and on its criminal history and political links.

In our business background investigations, we can depend on our network of associates – both local and international professionals, such as forensic specialists, private detectives, specialized business intelligence agencies and experts in various economic fields.

Our clients use business background investigation services for many reasons, including:

  • Suspicions of money laundering
  • Anti-corruption reviews and investigation of possible bribery
  • Background checks on key entities in the course of insolvency proceedings
  • Purchase and sale of companies
  • Screening for conflicts of interest and undisclosed relationships among employees, vendors, business partners and third parties
  • Background checks on key individuals, business partners and employees
  • Gathering and evaluation of information on competitors