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About Apex Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd


Apex is the top leading Private Detective Agency in Delhi, India. Are you searching for the Matrimonial Detective in Delhi? If yes, then this is the ideal place for hiring a detective. Detectives are the most demanded professionals in the modern world. Everyone wants to generate all the secrets of their boyfriend, husband, spouse or wife.

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Private Detective Agency for Corporate and Personal Investigation

There are numerous reasons for hiring a detective, but the major reasons are extramarital affairs of the spouse. This is the worst situation for the person, and they want to catch their spouse red-handed. Thus, here we come with the valuable services of Private Detective for Cheaters. You can avail the services of Best Detective Agency in Delhi.

Best Private Detective Agency in India

Now check loyalty of your partner. Take the loyalty test of your partner from our Detective Agency. Some wives are also cheaters and cheat on their husbands therefore you can get Loyalty Test for Wife also. Working in a reputed organization, we cross all the limits of our proficiency in solving Matrimonial Investigation Cases. The investigation will be able to correct all the doubts on your partner. We are also engaging in the UnderCover Operations in Delhi. We have our Detective Agency in Delhi, Delhi-NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad.

Our so many clients are searching for the Private Detective Fees in Delhi. Therefore, we provide the affordable and best Private Detector for solving your personal and professional issues. Some people also want to get hire a Professional Investigator for catching their business reveal secrets. We are the leading Professional Investigation Agency in Delhi. Our experienced professional detectives are doing their work smartly and without noticing anyone. Cheating Agency Detective Cost is not very high, thus you don’t have a need to scare about the fees of the agency. Our Surveillance Detectives are easily complete the Background Check of any person.

Best Private Detective Agency in Delhi New member of your family

India's capital Delhi is considered to be the most prominent and best city of India, here our company is considered to be the best detective agency recognized by the . Do not pay attention to most of your family, when you go to have a relationship with your girl in another house, then you do not know those family members completely because when you make up your mind to do a new relationship somewhere, that family It is completely new and you get information about it only gradually, that is why many times people get their boys married by lying and after that many problems happen in Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi. We will be considered the best option for you because we have done very good espionage for marriage work so far, through which you can connect with a great family because when you initially join a family then many such small things whose information you do not receive And you are hesitant to ask and because of this you may regret later, but if you want to spy on the boy side to marry your daughter, then we will cooperate very well with you. And every little detail will guide you.

Best matrimonial detective agency in Delhi

Joining a new family requires very important information which only a best detective agency can provide to you and which you desperately need because when you go to your girl relationship if you do any mistake or If there is a marriage in the wrong house, then the whole family gets disintegrated and there are many problems ahead because no boy side does not show his shortcomings to the girl side and they hide many things and later when If you come to know then there are a lot of problems, you do not need to panic because we are one of the well-known best detective agency in Delhi who are going to fully cooperate with you.

First of all, when you join us and we spy for your family, then we first check the background of the boy, how much the boy earns and does not do any kind of intoxication and what kind of respect he gets in the family and in the society. And the most important thing is that how are the relatives of the boy's side, they also need to know and what are the friends of the boy, many times it happens that many Hindus pretend to be family and later they become Muslim. In today's time, this type of trouble is coming a lot in India, which is called love jihad, if and most of the people who are your acquaintances take full guarantee and problems are caused by them only. In today's time no one wants to see you happy if you are happy in your family then people start burning after seeing this happiness but we will start you completely truth and we will not allow any mistake in your life

Because we have been doing a trust job since 15 years that's why our best detective agency is doing the best work in Delhi and we always have to keep working in the interest of the people and nowadays it is not that the boy side is the cheater hai girl people also become very deceitful that's why both boy and girl side we do best detective and tell you details which is completely truth and it is considered best for your life best matrimonial detective If you are looking for agency in Delhi then you will not find any better than Apex Agency because we have been working for people for many years.

Apex Detective Agency in Delhi awarded

Our work has also been appreciated by the and we have been honored many times, we work solely in the interest of public welfare and our reliable team keeps your trust and we will continue to do our honest work. We will continue to do so because we have won trust with the people and we want to keep this trust always. Apex Detective Agency has also been given a gold medal 10 times by the because there are many government cases for which private detectives in If the need is felt in Delhi, they contact our agency and we work in the best way.

And the most important feature of our agency is that we work at a very cheap price, you can try it anywhere in Delhi, the work is done by us at the lowest price and your espionage is completed within just 15 days. and completely we do your work because we have huge team which is able to do your work in very less time mostly agency people work with less team and spend too much time Due to which people have a lot of problems, customers get very upset but because of our very big team, they give your work very quickly, we have very big clients in Delhi, all fast hotels and all the hospitals are very big. There are big companies which are connected by us and they have got the best results from us Well known Apex Detective Agency is ready to work in your interest

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Why They Choose Apex

Former top cop’s & experienced private investigator directly supervise the cases.

  • Better Safe than Worry

    To counsel my clients against any illegal or unethical course of action.
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    Describe Your Complete Request Or Your Situations.
 private detective agency Delhi NCR

1.Amazing experience of 15 years
2. Formation of the best experienced and honest and biggest team of Delhi
3. and best confidential investigation and very short time
4. Only our agency can do the work at the cheapest rates in Delhi
5. The best name of APEX comes in private detective agency which is an achievement in itself
6. So far 2600 customers have been done through Satisfy Apex Agency
7. 800 matrimonial cases have been solved by our private detective agency, 1500 boyfriend girlfriend cases have

been solved, there are many more such cases due to which there is a problem, most of the husband wife's attachment to each other and cheating on each other We have been told while giving, in which we have given very good results to the people.

And our business is very friendly to our clients and we also give good advice like a family. It is the work of our agency that we keep on giving further advice even after the work is done. Call us and we'll help you.

Personal Detective Agency Services in Delhi

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation:

The Pre-Matrimonial Detective Agency service is one of the most famous detective service in Delhi. Thus, we are efficient in providing Pre Matrimonial Investigation for our clients. If you want to get married to someone, but before the marriage, you want to know all the secrets of their life. Then this is the best service for getting all the hidden secrets of your future husband or Wife.

Post-Matrimonial Investigation:

If you are noticing that your partner is behaving strangely with you, and attractive to someone else. So, these are the signs of Extra-Marital Affair. But before reaching the final conclusion, must contact a Private Investigator or Detective Agency. So, they can give green signal on your doubt. Post Matrimonial Investigations are adopting by so many wives for their husbands. Therefore hire the Loyalty Test Investigation professional for your partner.

Divorce Cases Investigation:

In the modern world, we can’t trust any person. According to the recent reports, the cases of Divorce are increasing because of Extra-Marital Affairs. But some people don’t get the strong proof against their spouse, to represent in the court or family. Thus while adopting the Divorce Case Investigation, you can get the strong and valid proof against your partner.

Missing Person Verification:

We are emerging in locating the missing persons. If you are frustrating with lots of efforts while searching the missing person in your family. Then, must hire our Missing Person Investigator, who can help you to locate the missing person. We are providing Missing person Investigation Services in India.

Professional Detective Agency Services in Delhi

Pre Employment Verification:

If you are running a successful business, and have a leading team of professionals. Then, you must aware about your opponent’s strategy. Before hiring any worker in your company, verify his background, education qualification, and past background. Investigator of our detective agency is able to hire the trustable and having good values professionals in your company.

Post Employment Verification:

If you have doubt on any employee of your company, that he or she reveals the secrets and strategy of the company to another person. Then, you must contact Detective Agency for Post Employment Verification. Otherwise, you may also face the loss and big opportunities for your business.

Collecting Proof and Evidence Investigation Agency:

If you want to collect the proof and evidence in the case in court. Then, must hire the investigator from Detective Agency for obtaining the proof and evidence in the court case.

Business Risk Analyze:

If you are thinking for investing money in the new projects of your business, then be aware of the risks. While an investing, you must investigate all the risks of your new investment project. Adopt the Business Risk Analyzing Investigation Services in Delhi.

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Ans. Private Investigators only do your work and do what you think they do, apart from this, when your work is completed, after completing the mission, do not interfere in any of your work and do not follow you at all. You don't need to worry at all because we are trusted by our agency who is only interested in working for you.
Ans If you want to choose a private detective agency in Delhi, then first of all you should know that that agency should be registered with the Indian government because a private agency has not been created by any Indian government, it is private only for your interest. There are agencies that you can find by searching online on Google, you can call through their phone numbers, out of which Apex Detective Agency is one which honestly does the best work and works solely in your interest. Can not disturb in any way ok even if you want to get the inquiry done, Apex Private Detective Agency works with full honesty.
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Ans. Our Number One Apex Detective Private Agency in Delhi NCR charges the lowest and gives the best work We do quality work at very cheap rates Our 15 days charge is done according to different work Your work What is the type, so when we talk to you at the same time we decide the payment and you can give payment to us in three times, for this you will not have any problem, if you have to get the information about the charge by our agency, then our If you can call on the number given on the website, then we send you the full rate details, our number is also on whatsapp, you can also hi us on whatsapp and immediately our educators reply you and the details of the entire detective agency send you
Ans. If you are searching best investigator in delhi APEX is the best investigator agency that interfering in your private affairs and spying on your domestic vehicles spying for you marriage spying any way you can get us to investigate we are your best private Investigator in Delhi is available which can be done by us at any time. We are the best investigators in Delhi NCR that's why we are working to save your family.
Ans. The Private Detective Agency has been declared legal by the because there are many tasks that are not in the hands of the , but those who are or are Private Detective Agency completely do your private work, for this Private Investigator companies have been declared legal by the for the benefit of the public, you can get the name done through our company, we are fully certified.
Ans. If you are searching for Best Detective in Delhi then Apex Agency is considered best Apex Agency is working best for you Best Detective Agency in Delhi is station C from our side which you can choose because we are totally We do legal work and we have completely legal documents which are considered sufficient to show you and all of our agency's workers have all of them by looking at the PAN card from the card that came by us. Only you trust our agency and our branch is only in janakpuri district center in delhi.
In India, the detective is also called Detective, also called Investigator and those who do Reiki of your house, that is, you want to get some work done, it is called Spy. You listen to a person, he is considered a spy, in today's time there is a great need for a detective, every house needs a spy, whenever your family can be safe, apex is most important for the Best Investigator Agency in Delhi.
Ans. Detective is a very difficult job, for this many challenges have to be faced, physically, mentally there is a lot of trouble but still this work is done honestly, after hard work we give you positive results Our time is 15 days, in 15 days we work hard and after that we give you the result you want.

Best Private Detective Agency in Delhi

We have told you many reasons for our agency, through which you can easily choose us by calling us. Our Private Detective Agency in Delhi is going to work sincerely with you and we are going to support you step by step with you. Want to work as a part of a family that makes you feel like a member of our family is protecting us because nowadays no one can be trusted but we work to save the spoiled families. We work to improve people's lives, we awaken trust in people, if someone is cheating on you, then we work for them and improve them, for this we are considered to be the trusted detective agency in Delhi.

If you join our agency then you will get a new family member who will support you for life. Our agency remains connected with you even after doing your work. You can call us anytime and about yourself. You can get information because when any of your children or your girl goes out to study, you cannot keep an eye on them because in today's time there are many tasks which remain confused in the family itself. Apart from this, you are not able to take out time that you can keep an eye on someone, for this we are chosen and we are also called third sight, we are going to do a very good job on your family, wherever your girl reads. We will give complete information about how your boy is studying, which class is doing a job, with whom he is living in relation with whom he has married or not. We will keep giving you all kinds of information, this will keep you feeling good and you will be better in yourself. you will feel much better

That's why our agency is in dire need of you, if you feel that a lot of money is being spent, then don't worry about it, we do not take money even at once, we take payment in installments, you give us slowly. For this we are not going to bother you at all because we help people and work well for their lives

Top Detective Agency in Delhi NCR

The work of Apex Detective Agency is not only for the metropolitan but also for every problem like fraud, theft, court case, harassment by daughter-in-law, family quarrel, problem in distribution of ancestor's property in your family, we are present if you are Top Detective. If you want to search agencies in Delhi NCR then we want to work with you with confidence and we make a promise to support you in every situation you will not find any better than us for best personal espionage in Delhi because we promise that when you join us, you will feel very good.

And our Apex Agency is fully recognized by the who can work freely anywhere We are Head of the Janakpuri District Center in Delhi

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Pre Employment Verification

Pre Employment Verification

They say that Matches are made in heaven but as a trend of modern world.

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Surveillance Detectives in delhi


Are you suspicious about your activity? Do you want to know their routine?.

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Post-Matrimonial Investigation in delhi

Post-Matrimonial Investigation

When you feel that your partner or spouse is having an extra marital.

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Corporate Investigation in Delhi

Corporate Investigation

When an employee or outside perpetrator is suspected.

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Apex Detective Agency LEGAL SERVICES


Apex Detective Agency is always ready to provide good legal aid to its client.

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Missing Person Tracing

Missing Person Tracing

Apex Detective agency in Delhi, Helps you in tracing missing person.

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