Work Place Violence Detective Agency

Work Place Violence Detective Agency

Thousands of employees are harassed, intimidated, threatened and verbally or physically attacked each day, according to the Bureau of Statistics*. In some cases these incidents result in grave injuries or death.

This phenomenon has employees uneasy about their safety, and employers have additional reasons to worry. Employers who fail to conduct a workplace investigation when such situations occur usually lose any claims or lawsuits brought by the employee or their families in response to the violent incident.

While the media often only reports the high profile type stories involving an out-of-control worker or former employee, employers are justifiably concerned about the pervasive threats and harassment in the workplace. Human resource managers, directors of security, attorneys, and others charged with maintaining a safe work environment is aware of this growing workplace problem.

The principal problem facing employers has been the lack of information and qualified professional assistance to reduce the potential for a violent incident. This is where our comprehensive workplace investigation methods will help you reduce the risks created by workplace violence. We employ cutting-edge technology and proven interview techniques.

We also perform covert surveillance, forensic consulting and intervention planning, psychological and behavioral assessments, executive protection (armed and unarmed), comprehensive background investigations, workplace violence prevention and intervention training, Post-traumatic stress debriefings and site surveys and risk assessments.

We work with licensed behavioral psychologists and executive protection professionals, most of who are former federal law enforcement and are licensed & insured to carry concealed weapons.

We often liaison with local authorities to provide practical remedies. We are cautious not to violate anyone's "reasonable expectation of privacy." We pay special attention to all state and federal statutory regulations, as well as private sector liability for unlawful surveillance (civil & criminal liability).