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Wages & Fraud

Wages & fraud

The art of deliberate deception for unlawful gain- is an old as history. We also know him the term “white-collar crime”. Today multinational corporations and their executives are facing an increasing range of threats across the globe to their business and reputations, both internally and externally. Mostly person who are doing wages & fraud in your corporation not caught by you, because of their superior quality of committing crime. These kinds of things done by those people which is on trusted occupational position.

Our goal is to manage the issues to limit the impact to our client’s business. The breadth of Our team allows us to draw upon a range of experience to achieve this objective, while carrying out the investigation in an efficient way. We always strive to obtain the best outcome for our clients.

Our team has conducted extensive investigation into, wages and hour investigations, worker frauds, ghost employees, no-show jobs, under payment on prevailing union wages, counterfeit payroll leaders, non- payment of benefits, work-place scams, professional exemption, part-time employees, shift operation, hour of work. Our experts have successfully worked with corporate, multinationals, state and legal government agencies to monitor complains or contractors who have been accused or convicted of wage fraudulent behaviour.