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Call Us +91-981-0000-396 or +011 41500396

Theft Claim Investigations

Fraud investigation, as much as any claims activity, is about the tactics and looking for the ‘pressure points’ in the story that is being relayed. These pressure points are the areas of vulnerability that must be probed by the investigator if the allegation of fraud is to be sustained. We seek to conduct extensive background information and financial checks on any recovery prospect. We not only identify the fraudulent insurance cases, but also help you solve the same. We handle all lines of insurance. We verify each and every aspect of the claim with their vigil eyes and ascertain the authenticity of the claims.

We investigate various aspects of theft claim investigations:

  • Scene Visit
  • Evidence Photography
  • Witness statement
  • Investigation at site
  • Neighbour enquiry
  • Timing of loss
  • Police report
  • Insured statement
  • Type of property stolen
  • Size of loss
  • Loss history & background of the case
  • Additional possible investigative resources

When it comes to the resolution of a claim, information plays a crucial role. We can help you get the right information at the right time, as our investigators are well trained in neighbourhood interviews & verification, and gathering information regarding policy violations & misrepresentation.  We can also answer all your queries that you need to clear to settle the claims. Kindly contact us according to your requirement respectively, our professionals will get back to you within stipulated time.