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Call Us +91-981-0000-396 or +011 41500396

Personal Accident Claim Investigations

Personal Accidental claim fraud is one of the most popular insurance frauds that have been dramatically increasing day by day. Unfortunately, there are millions of insured who wants to take benefits through fraudulent activities. They can narrate the whole incident which apparently looks very real and on the basis of it, many of the insurance companies end with the loss of a big amount of currency. The story for fake claim can be narrated in a very professional way, where doctors, witness are ready even to provide their statements or fake medial certificates.

APEX provide effective intelligence services and investigative solutions for the legal sector. These services are designed specifically to help and assist a claimant solicitor in the development and progression of their client’s case. We are able to provide a nationwide service, with experienced investigators ready to carry out your instructions to your exact specifications. We collect and verify the following aspects while conducting personal Accident claim investigation.

  • Date & time of accident
  • Nature of loss, Place of loss and Brief description of loss
  • Name and address of police station if FIR filed
  • Name of person who took insured to hospital
  • Name of the hospital if insured is hospitalized
  • Name/statement/address & other details of witness who took insured to hospital
  • Name of attending physician and family physician
  • Policy no, (policy to be issued before registration if not done earlier)
  • Name & contact details of person intimating the claim
  • Copies of police proceedings

Our qualified and experienced staff will investigate and deliver accurate and easy to understand analysis of complex technical issues. We continuously strive to help you to provide a consistently high standard of service and understand the extensive enquiries related to the Insurance sector.