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Call Us +91-981-0000-396 or 011 41500396

Life Insurance Claim Investigations

Life Insurance is a financial cover for a contingency linked with human life is subject to risk of death and disability due to natural and accident causes. When human life is last or a person is disabled permanently or temporarily there is loss of income to the household.

Companies with the Insurance sector will be well aware of the statistics regarding fraudulent claim made by unscrupulous people. The cost to the insurance industry as a whole is rising each year causing losses beyond estimation. We firmly believe that all suspicious claim must be thoroughly verified and investigated by professional investigators. We act on behalf of many insurance companies investigating fraudulent and suspicious claim

Service include:

  • Background Histories
  • Identifying and solving fraudulent
  • Suspicious death claims
  • Locating of witness
  • Tracing of hospital records
  • Tracing & verifying assets and property
  • As certain claimant’s personal disability by carring out discreet surveillance
  • FIR reports from police station for accidental, suicidal homicide

APEX conducts extensive fraudulent insurance claim investigations and is accustomed to providing investigative assistance to claim departments, special investigative units or counsel. APEX Insurance investigators posses decades of experience and have established a person reputation in the industry for exposing fraudulent applications and claims.

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